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Avoid Sales Call to Action Mistake #3 and Shorten Your Sales Cycle

What makes a sales Call to Action effective? I believe that a good call to action can make a huge difference in your sales results and the length of your sales cycle. It’s not the only sales skill to hone but it sure is worthy of attention. Faster and more sales is a good thing!

According to Profit Magazine, 67% of sales people don’t ask for a call to action let alone do it well. Read more about this mistake in my blog post here . If you say you aren’t making this beginner mistake, then I ask you, do you consistently ask for action on the part of your client? If only you are doing the action step you are guilty of making mistake #2. And are you being specific and nailing down the timing for the action? Failing to ensure your call to action has concrete timing is mistake #3.

Here are a couple of examples of what to avoid when closing a meeting:

Wrong way: “I will call you next week to follow up” or “I will send you the proposal next week.”

This is inefficient from a time management perspective. Why go back and forth after the meeting when you can nail down the timing for the next step right then and there? But worse than that, when you aren’t specific with timing and your next steps aren’t concrete, you are setting yourself up for dragging out the length of your sales cycle longer than it needs to be.

And you may even be sabotaging the opportunity altogether. When ‘next week’ comes along, you will be dealing with a busy prospect or client and that can easily lead to voice mail tag and emails not returned on a timely basis. Then the next thing you know, out of town travel or vacation plans lead to further delays. By then, momentum is lost, any sense of urgency is gone and priorities have changed.

Strike while the iron is hot. Be efficient with both your time and your prospect’s time. They will appreciate your professionalism and want to do business with you.

Right way: Instead of “I will send you the proposal next week”, try “I will prepare a proposal that outlines what we discussed. How does next Wednesday afternoon work at 2:00 for a meeting to review it together?

There, it is done. One step. Confirmed. Not several voice mail messages or emails back and forth. You are keeping the action moving forward. Your client will appreciate your efficiency, clarity and professionalism.

Summary of Common Call to Action Mistakes

1. Mistake #1: Not having a call to action.

2. Mistake #2: Not asking for action from the client (only you are doing the action step)

3. Mistake #3: Not nailing down concrete timing

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