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Favourite Websites for Sales Techniques

survey resources for sales tecniquesIn a recent survey to my newsletter subscribers, I had a number of interesting discoveries and I’d like to share one of them with you. In the survey I asked “What are your favourite websites for staying up-to-date on sales techniques?”

Favourite Websites for Sales Techniques: Nearly 50% of respondents said none or not applicable, which either means they may be using web resources but none stand out OR they don’t use web resources and aren’t taking an active role in their professional development. 

These responses most surprised me because there are so many different ways to access rich learning content and information on the web. And it’s free! Staying fresh, honing our skills and staying on top of current trends are a MUST if we are truly committed to sales success.

It could be that because there is so much information available it can be overwhelming to sort through what’s relevant. And this takes time.

My insight here is that I can bring value to my clients and newsletter subscribers by highlighting what’s worth paying attention to. As a start, here are a few websites that the remaining 50% of respondents cited as favourites: 

  1. The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) was the overwhelming favourite. 25% of respondents named it as their top ‘go to’ resource. A great example of the good work done by the CPSA is their article Top Sales Trends That Dominated 2013. 
  2. LinkedIn discussion groups (mentioned multiple times). No specifics were mentioned but one of my personal favourites is The Sales Association. I have also just joined Fresh Sales Strategies — it recently won the gold medal for the Top Sales & Marketing LinkedIn Group. 
  3. Bloggers. Several respondents follow bloggers including:
    • Industry specific bloggers
    • Business thought leaders such as Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Bloomberg, Strategic Leadership and the Economist
    • Sales & Marketing Blogs. No specifics were mentioned but one of my all-time favourites is CopyBlogger which is geared to online content marketers and writing persuasive copy — but don’t be confused. It’s full of AMAZING sales and marketing content and not just for bloggers. And then of course there is always my blog

What I will be doing differently in 2014

Based on the work I do with my clients, the CPSA trends and the responses to my survey here are three things I will integrate into my 2014 plan.

  1.  Speaker Series: I will be addressing these issues and more in a new speaker series coming in the near future. Stay tuned for information about 30 minute conversations with experts who can help take your game to new heights.
  2.  Monthly Newsletter: In my monthly newsletter I will be adding one new online resource to help you with your sales. In my weekly blogging I will also dedicate an entire post to the top online resources I recommend.
  3.  Weekly Blog Posts: The survey responses have stimulated new ideas and fresh approaches to my training and coaching practice and in providing you with valuable content for my blog. I will be exploring these topics more in-depth over the coming weeks in my weekly blog posts. Have you signed up yet? Click here now to join my weekly blog and these nuggets will automatically be sent to your email.

Many thanks to all of you who took the time to contribute. Your responses have shifted my perspectives in a powerful way.  My hope in sharing these findings is that they will have a similar impact on you.

New times demand new focus.

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