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How Long Is Your Sales Cycle?

It is as long as you think it is.

As we think, so we shall do: If we think something will take a long time, it most certainly will.

While there are many factors that contribute to compressing sales cycle time, shifting our beliefs and assumptions is certainly a critical starting point. It’s like the classic children’s story about the little engine that could. ..”I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

A client recently told me that the sales cycle for their business is a “long process and it just takes time.”  I have heard similar comments countless times from sales people in many different industries. It was something that I told myself in my early selling years. The good news is I was on 100% commission and lack of income forced me to examine my beliefs and behaviours! What I quickly learned is this:

In my case, I used to believe my selling cycle was long because I was selling something that was complex; it was an intangible process, a high ticket item, and multiple buyers in the company were typically involved. Surely something this difficult to sell takes at least 6 months if not one year.

What I realized is that I was spending 6 months NOT Selling. I was in activity mode, not results mode. I was very active conducting many calls and meetings, but I had assumptions and beliefs that were limiting me. I didn’t have my brain aligned to my goals! I had limiting assumptions about what was possible, what was not, who would meet with me, who would not.  One of my biggest assumptions was that my sales cycle was long and I gave in to it.

Of course sales cycle time for complex sales is longer than for simple sales where there is a single buyer and smaller ticket item. The key message is to avoid adding unnecessary length with limiting assumptions.

What Are Your Limiting Assumptions?

There are so many ways that our assumptions and beliefs get in the way of successful sales. Developing a success mindset, while easier said than done, is one of the fastest routes to creating better results.

As a sales person, it is of utmost importance to become aware of how you are thinking. It’s smart to THINK about how you are thinking! Once you are aware, you can then consciously shift your thoughts to ones that are more empowering. Otherwise you can easily sabotage your efforts without realizing it.

In my sales coaching work, I help sales professionals raise their awareness of assumptions and beliefs that may be limiting their success and potential. You can see an example of how I do this in my article “Intentional Selling for Professional Services: 3 Common Mistakes Smart People Make.”

Click here and check out Logjam #2 on Limiting Assumptions and Beliefs.

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