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Presentation Coaching: Tips for Self Coaching

When I train and coach presenters, I often observe an automatic self-talk after the presentation has been delivered. I hear, “That was awful, I screwed up…I should have done….” The focus of attention is immediately on mistakes and what didn’t work from their perspective.  It’s next to impossible to build confidence from this mental position. Harsh, self judgement sets us up for more of the same in the future.

One of my objectives in coaching presenters is to help them break this pattern of ‘beating ones self up’ after a presentation. What are more empowering ways to self coach and manage self talk? In our post “Presentation Nerves: Whispering Sweet Nothings to Yourself,” I stressed the importance of managing self-talk to stay calm BEFORE your presentations. It’s equally important to manage your self-talk AFTER your presentation.

In our UPFRONT Persuasion workshops, post presentation feedback and coaching are structured to build first on natural strengths (the positives) and then to identify what improvements or changes could be made (the deltas) the next time. We consistently get rave reviews about the power of this approach.  Feedback and coaching are where the ‘rubber hits the road,’ The following questions guide the coaching process:

Positives First:

  1. What is one thing you did well? (asked of the presenter)
  2.  What else did he/she do well? (asked of others in the workshop)
  3. Here are some additional things I really liked (added by me, the presentation coach)

Deltas Second:

  1. What is one thing you would change next time? (asked of the presenter)
  2.  What are other suggestions for improvement? (asked of others in the workshop)
  3. Here are some additional things I would encourage you to do (added by me the presentation coach)

Professional coaching  helps you become aware of your natural strengths and builds confidence by focusing first on success, followed by reflection on areas for improvement.

How To Self Coach When There’s No Professional Coach?

Presenters don’t always have the luxury of having a professional coach to guide their post presentation debrief. Typically no one offers feedback except ourselves.  Presenters can continue on their own using the same approach used in our UPFRONT Persuasion workshops.

Have the discipline after each presentation to reflect on what was GREAT! Be kind to yourself and focus on what you are proud of first. And then build on that success by identifying what you will do differently next time.

One of my favourite expressions is “We don’t learn from our experience, we learn from our reflections about our experience.” Let’s face it. We can have the same old ineffective experiences over and over again. But when we pause and reflect on that experience with self feedback that is balanced with both the positives and the deltas, real change can happen.

If you are ready to take your game to the next level or if you have a critical presentation that you want to ‘ace’, call me for presentation and rehearsal coaching . Phone 905-877-5808 or contact Tanja Parsley

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