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Sales Not Working? Try Different for Sales Success

I’d like to challenge you to try something different this week in your sales process. For example, to improve your sales success, you could change your opening question. Be surprising. See if you can wake up people – and yourself – by saying the unexpected. See if you get better sales results.

A blog post by marketing expert Seth Godin reminds me of a best practice that has worked for me consistently through my sales and personal life– to ‘try different’. Not try harder, but try different.

Seth Godin, bestselling author, entrepreneur and change agent, isn’t about sales per se – just brilliance and insight. I encourage you to check out his blog.

Here is what he has to say about ‘try’:

“The usual mantra is to ‘try harder’. Trying harder is impossible when you’re already trying as hard as you can. But you can always try different. Years ago, I was creating trivia questions for a product we built for Prodigy. We had a 99% accuracy rate in doing the questions. Which was great, except there were 1800 questions in a batch, which meant 18 wrong each time, which was totally and completely unacceptable. These were honest mistakes, made by smart people working as hard as they could. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t do better than 99%. So we switched our system completely and did it in a totally different way. Same number of people, same number of hours, 100% accuracy. If it’s not working, harder might not be the answer.”

How does this apply to your sales process? You tell me – how have you changed your pattern, tried something different and got better results?

If you haven’t “tried different” lately, then maybe it’s time to change your sales process. You may surprise yourself and get better results.

One thing is for sure: the minute you start to take a look at your old patterns and habits, you’ll probably come up with better ways to stimulate yourself and others into action. Don’t try harder, try different.

What do you think about these ideas? When has ‘try different’ worked for you? I would love to hear from you.

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