Presentation Skills Self Test

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Self Test

Read the following statements and then select a rating that would currently describe your sales and presentation skills. Use the following scale to indicate how often the statement would apply to you. Click the appropriate button and then click submit at the bottom of the page.

(1 - Never; 2 - Rarely; 3 - Sometimes; 4 - Often; 5 - Always)

Sales Process Skills 1 2 3 4 5
1. Meeting Preparation: I use a planning tool or system (i.e. Call Planner) to prepare for my client, plan my approach, and the outcome(s) I want to achieve.
2. Structure: For my sales meetings, I consistently use a step by step, structured process that is designed to create desired meeting outcomes for both myself and my client.
3. Rapport: I know how to create rapport, connect with my client and adapt my style to match my client.
4. Questioning: Before I position my products and services, I spend time uncovering my client's needs using high gain questions that dig deeper and add value to my client.
5. Listening: I use active listening skills to demonstrate listening, hear my clients and learn about their needs.
6. Influencing Skills: I use storytelling, convincing elements and benefits statements that are tied to my client’s needs and that influence the meeting outcome.
7. Objections: I stay calm and avoid getting defensive when objections arise.
8. Objection Handling: I ask several questions to understand what lies beneath the objection and when I respond, I know how to shift the client perspective and get confirmation that the objection has been handled.
9. Closing Skills: I end every sales meeting with agreement to concrete, timed action steps for BOTH myself and my client that closes the business or keeps the action moving forward.
10. Follow Up: I have a system that enables me to be organized and do what I say I will do after my meetings. I proactively communicate changes if needed.
Presentation Skills 1 2 3 4 5
1. Setting the Stage: I clearly state my purpose at the beginning of my presentations and set the context for the presentation to create clarity and focus.
2. Engagement: I know how to captivate and engage my audience and keep them engaged throughout the presentation.
3. Presentation Structure: I organize my remarks into approximately three key points regardless of the length of the presentation.
4. Structure of Persuasion: I understand how to construct and deliver a persuasive presentation.
5. Benefit Statements: I create relevance by connecting my points back to the needs of my audience.
6. Delivery Skills: I don’t use filler words (ums, etc) and gestures that distract; I effectively use my voice, body and eye contact to enhance my message.
7. Use of Media: I use visual aids sparingly and effectively and only to enhance the points I am making.
8. Slide Design: My slides are well designed with logical flow, ample white space, and images for visual appeal. .
9. Objections: I can handle difficult questions and people.
10. Call to Action: I incorporate a request for action in my presentations.
Bonus Question 1 2 3 4 5
  Continuous Improvement: After sales meetings and presentations I review what worked well and what did not. My reflections enable me to learn and improve.