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Top 10 Sales Trends that Dominated 2013

In a recent survey to my newsletter subscribers, The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) was identified as the overwhelming favourite online resource for staying up to date on sales techniques.  Check out my blog for mentions for other ‘go to’ web resources.

A great example of the good work done by the CPSA is their article  10 Sales Trends That Dominated 2013

All of the trends that dominated 2013 will continue to be important in 2014 and I encourage you to read the article if you haven’t already seen it. Better still, share it with your colleagues and explore together what these trends mean to you and what you will do differently in 2014.  

The 10 Sales Trends

  1. Online video conversations are increasing in popularity
  2. Buyers tend to seek self-service before any service
  3. Sales and marketing are working more closely together
  4. Data is becoming more accessible
  5. Thought leadership matters more than ever
  6. Gaming techniques drive engagement
  7.  Social signals start the conversation
  8. Geolocation and relevance make timely offers
  9. Opportunities are spread over multiple channels
  10. Selling is increasingly about service.

These are the three trends that I recommend you pay most attention and why.

  1. Thought leadership matters more than ever (#5): What better way to stand out from the rest of the pack? Thought leaders stay engaged in ongoing learning which keeps them fresh and energized. But they go beyond learning for their own benefit. Thought leaders share their insights with their clients to add value and better serve their clients.
  2.  Selling is increasingly about service (#10): This one goes hand in hand with thought leadership. Your clients don’t want to be sold to. They want to be supported in achieving their business goals.  How can you best serve them? You might want to ask them! 
  3. Opportunities are spread over multiple channels (#9): Top sales professionals hone their skills in all communications including voice mail, email, face to face meetings, written communications, virtual meetings and formal presentations. Every connection with a client or prospect is an opportunity to position your value.       

Here’s what I’d like you to do with this information. Pick one or two on this list of top 10 trends that you can work on to develop your own sales strategies.

For example, how could you increase the services or value you offer to your prospects (#10)? Make a list, then start to expand and implement a little each week.

Before you know it, you’ll have improved your capacity to meet new demands in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

How will you stay ahead of the pack?

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