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What Are the Steps in Your Sales Cycle?


If you don’t know the answer to this question, it’s costing you sales. I challenge you to address it. You should be able to list your sales cycle steps on one sheet of paper.

In a recent blog post,  I wrote about the importance of mapping out the specific steps in your sales cycle. Even though every situation is different, it makes good sense to have a proactive, intentional approach to guide opportunities forward to a successful conclusion.  People rarely do this. Why is that?

Everyone “gets” the importance of mapping out steps in operations and manufacturing processes. Yet when it comes to selling, the lifeblood of every organization, the same discipline doesn’t seem to apply.

When there is no identified “best practice” approach to selling, the consequences are significant:

  • Sales don’t close fast enough (or at all)
  • The customer experience is inconsistent
  • There’s an impact on the credibility of both the person and the brand

Recently, I’ve been working with one of my clients on this very issue. Susan and her team want to map out the steps for their products and services sales cycles. She was motivated to do this for many of the good reasons mentioned above. She wants to grow her business and knows that mapping and documenting their ‘Best Practice’ process steps will create efficiency and effectiveness. And of course, that means more sales in less time for both her people and the company.

Susan also knows that when she brings on new sales people to the team, instead of telling them, “Go get ’em!” they will have a clear roadmap to follow. The Sales Playbook is a solid strategy to quickly and successfully ramp up new hires.

Through the mapping process, Susan and her team are having robust conversations, sharing best practices and  creating documented templates. They are  reaping multiple benefits:

  • Learning the specific behaviours that create selling success
  • Awareness of personal strengths and areas that need shoring up
  • Team cohesiveness and consistency in the market
  • Renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm which is infectious
  • Focus on high payoff activities to create more sales and shorter selling cycles

As we measure results over the next few months, we will eagerly monitor the impacts.

If you’d like to explore the benefits of mapping out your sales steps, contact Partners in Performance here .

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