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Intentional Selling: The Conversation You Need to Have

Wakeman-Parsley-Hangout-2014I invite you to listen in on a conversation I recently had about Intentional Selling with Denise Wakeman. This is an important conversation you need to be having about your own selling intentions.

Denise Wakeman, a guru in online visibility marketing, recently hosted one of her ‘Conversations with Experts’ episodes and interviewed me.

The topic was How to Sell with Intention to Create More Results. In our 30 minute conversation we discussed the 6-step sales process I have developed to help entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals accelerate their results by applying my Intentional Selling™ System.

During the Hangout we discussed how to sell with intention including:

  • High Performance – The 3 critical factors that must be integrated for success:
  1. Clear Focus
  2. Means
  3. Intention
  • What is ‘Intentional Selling’ and how does intention impacts our selling behaviours? Get your brain right and the rest will follow. If you aren’t aware of your mindset and levels of intention in any given situation, you will never fully leverage your potential.
  • The 3 all too common mistakes smart people make when it comes to selling.
  • The most persuasive selling skill – it’s worth listening to get this nugget alone.

Intentional Selling FrameworkWe used Google Hangout, Denise’s web platform of choice, to host the interview. Over the years, I have used many different platforms to host webinars and meetings but this was my first with Hangout. I figure if the Pope is using Hangouts to spread his message, it’s time to jump on board!

Hangouts are wonderful because they bring conversations to life with photos, emoji, and group video calls for free. However because the video is live streaming you can sometimes run into bandwidth challenges which causes the audio to break up a bit. When you listen to the audio file you will notice a few lumps here and there.

By the way, a professional writer and business owner called me on the heels of listening to the audio requesting additional tools and information. I asked her how she found the quality of the audio. Her response was “it did break up a bit in places but I found the content so intriguing I just kept listening…I had the intention!”

So a head’s up on the sound quality. I loved the fact that she was already using the ‘language’ of Intention! She also took the free self-test to find out how her sales skills rank and found that insightful. Click here for the test.

Hope you enjoy watching the video, click on the image at the top of this post. Here’s the audio file:

Prefer reading? Write me an email or call me and I will send you the transcript.

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