Would You Like to Start Closing the Selling Gap?

Intentional Selling™

Fact Sheet [PDF, 70KB]

Business to Business or B2B selling is complex and can be tough when selling a higher ticket item to multiple buyers in a longer selling cycle. There is a big gap in the selling profession.

Far too often sales people are:

  • Not focused on the “high pay off” activities that are “closest to the money.”
  • Inconsistent and ad hoc in their client interactions.
  • Leading with their product instead of questions.
  • Asking a few superficial questions, but don’t know how to ask high-gain questions that dig deeper, add value, and fully uncover their clients’ needs.
  • Getting defensive or stumped instead of handling objections with confidence.
  • Not asking for the sale or the next concrete step that would move the action forward.
  • Not staying on top of follow up.

The result? It takes 10 steps to land a deal when it could happen in three. Or worse, opportunities vanish into the ether.

Intentional Selling™ is a two-day, one-day or half-day workshop or two-hour virtual training program that maps out the behavioural dynamics of a customer-focused, consultative selling process.  Participants learn not only what is needed to close the gap, but how to do it with lots of real-time practice and feedback.

The selling techniques of the six-step sales process are combined with the power of intention. Limiting assumptions which are barriers to sales success are surfaced and participants develop intentional ways of thinking that produce breakthrough results. Intentional thinking combined with effective selling behaviours produces consistent results, enhances customer relationships and compresses the selling cycle.

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