Prepare, Construct and Deliver Presentations with Professionalism, Authority and Confidence

UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™

In today’s complex business environment, the ability to deliver a persuasive presentation to internal or external customers has become a fundamental requirement. Persuasive presentations that are clear, concise and compelling differentiate you from the competition and make the difference between success and failure, a sale or rejection, a worthwhile conference or a waste of time.

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Partners in Performance is the Canadian distributor of UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™, a globally branded presentation skills workshop or virtual training program, where you will learn to prepare, construct and deliver presentations with professionalism, authority and confidence.

Program Objectives

  • Learn the structure and flow of a persuasive presentation and apply it to your own real world presentation
  • Use the “Presentation Planner” tool to prepare for an upcoming presentation
  • Hone delivery skills to create high impact and energy using best practice techniques of eye contact, body language and voice
  • Learn how to integrate slides seamlessly and avoid the trap of Power Point dependence
  • Learn proven techniques to overcome fear and to project credibility and confidence
  • Learn the skills and structure of influence  to gain commitment to concrete next steps

About the Workshop

The UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™ workshop is a hands-on, results-oriented workshop that will immediately impact your ability to effectively influence any audience to take action.

During the program you will develop “real time” content and have multiple opportunities to practice delivery and get high quality feedback through videotaping, one-on-one coaching and group feedback.

Contact us to schedule an UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™ program that can be delivered either on-site or virtually.

The content presented in this on-site and virtual training program is also available for trainers to obtain through corporate license arrangements. Discover more about Train The Trainer or contact us directly at (905) 877-5808.