Start Selling to the Needs of Your Consumers

PRISMS Selling™

Are your Business to Consumer or B2C interactions intentional and structured or ad hoc and inconsistent? You can have the best product or service in the market but we know that’s no guarantee for sales success. Sales process skills with a focus on qualifying are critical for success for the professional who sells to consumers in retail, field and outbound selling environments.

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The PRISMS Selling™ two-day workshop or virtual training program maps out a proven, six step, repeatable process that will increase sales and shorten the selling cycle. “Best in Class” sales practices are incorporated for Business to Consumer selling with a single buyer, shorter selling cycle and lower ticket items.

As a result of the training, participants develop intentional ways of thinking and effective selling behaviours that can be consciously applied to all customer interactions. Our solution is a four phase approach that will ensure behaviours are integrated into the day-to-day habits of your sales team in the field or on the phone.

Our Workshop Approach

We get grounded in your selling world and the development needs of your people. We then tailor the workshop to fully meet your requirements. Customized case studies ensure real world role play and practical application during the workshop.

We use experiential learning with “real time” cases, relevant examples and real world application exercises. We create an informal, highly interactive and dynamic experience using a variety of individual, small group and whole group exercises and coaching to facilitate the learning. People learn by doing—role play practice and high quality feedback are the bedrock of the learning process.

We facilitate a one-day workshop for sales managers to equip them with coaching skills and tools to reinforce the workshop learning. This strategy ensures their people integrate the desired selling behaviours in the field. Upon completion, individual and team phone coaching with the sales managers is recommended to support their ongoing coaching efforts (coach the coach).

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program you will have:

  • A consistent way to approach customer interactions.
  • A common language and shared frameworks for your sales team.
  • A “Call Planner” to create a structured and sales focused interaction.
  • A “Discovery Question Toolbox” tailored to your organization.
  • A “Storytelling Toolbox” that brings your products and services to life.
  • Confident sales people, with a proven process to support their intent.

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The material presented in this workshop and virtual training program is also available for trainers to obtain through corporate license arrangements. Discover more about Training for Trainers or contact us directly at (905) 877-5808.