Partnering to Create Innovative Results and a High Performance Culture

Why We’re Different

Together with our clients, we partner to create innovative results and a high performance culture in our clients’ organizations. What makes us different is our follow up coaching and reinforcement processes.

It’s not enough to deliver training and be gone. We make it our business to deliver results. That’s what counts. Post training reinforcement, sales tools and video podcasts ensure effective sales behaviours are embedded in the field.

How Do We Change Sales Behaviour?

Sales and Presentation Skills Training, Coaching and Consulting

We help you get clear and intentional about the specific behaviours needed for consistent success. Our proven training solutions will move your clients to take action. Our training solutions are designed to measure and deliver behaviour change because these are the very things that matter most to our clients.

Our proven, proprietary system is a total solution that integrates three core elements essential for high performance:

  1. Clear Focus
  2. High Intention
  3. Execution Excellence

We provide the “roadmap” to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Four Phase Behavioural Implementation System

Phase One: Discovery

We take the time to understand our clients’ selling world, needs and challenges, including ways of thinking that might limit success. We discover what you want to achieve, clearly and specifically. And this includes getting real on how success will be measured.

Discovery Methods

  • Field audits: behavioural observation of phone and face to face meetings/presentations
  • One-on one-interviews (sales team and management)
  • On line self-needs assessment
  • Focus groups
  • Sales systems review

Phase Two: Design

We customize a solution tailored to your specific needs by tailoring our field tested, branded programs or by building a solution from the ground up. Client-specific, real-world examples are developed for participant materials, Sales Call Planners, Questioning Toolbox. Practice applications and role play case studies are customized to reflect relevant real-world scenarios.

Phase Three: Delivery

Highly interactive and dynamic, we use experiential learning methods whereby people learn by doing and dealing with “real time” issues. We draw from a variety of learning methods, including group discussions, demonstrations and role-plays using client-specific case studies. Using “real time” content and case examples, participants will have multiple opportunities to practice “how to’s” and get high-quality feedback through one-on-one coaching, group feedback and video.

The delivery method is instructor led, face-to-face, on-site or virtual webinar training.

This is where most training solutions stop. Not Partners in Performance!

Phase Four: Reinforcement

When you want real results, we nail the last and most critical step – reinforcement. Our solution includes a systematic plan, sales tools and sales coaching that build our clients’ capacity to embed and measure the critical success behaviours in the field.

Research points to the critical Importance for ongoing reinforcement and the need to embed more learning into the day-to-day work environment.

Studies by Brent Peterson, Columbia University (2004), “Activities Which Contribute to Learning Effectiveness,” points to the importance of follow up reinforcement for effective behavioural change:

Current Average Ideal Learning Investment
Pre Work – 10% Pre Work – 25%
Learning Event – 85% Learning Event – 25%
Follow Up – 5% Follow Up – 50%


In training design, as much effort needs to be in support of reinforcement (50%). The above research reinforces the critical role of the manager to model and reinforce desired behaviours.

Partners in Performance works with sales leaders to develop and support a post-workshop reinforcement strategy to ensure new behaviours are integrated in the field and measured. Milestone meetings ensure that implementation stays on track.

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