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What to Do When Prospects Don’t Answer Your Emails

Email-ResponseWhat the heck do you do when your clients or prospects don’t answer your emails? I get asked this question a lot. It’s especially frustrating when your client initially expressed interest in moving forward with a next step. Now it feels like the opportunity has evaporated into the ether.

What does one do? You don’t want to be a pest and you also want to be persistent in an appropriate way.

For starters, it’s important that you leave strong voice messages and write effective emails. And they should go hand and hand… Integrated voice and email follow-up. Don’t add to your dilemma with poor sales communications. Check out my tips on Email Persuasion series and you will learn some best practices along with common mistakes you want to avoid.

I am experiencing one of those ‘ether’ moments right now. I love it when I get a chance to take a dose of my own medicine. I had what I thought was a promising first meeting with a client who was referred to me. We ended the meeting with his request to speak with one of my existing clients in his industry. Easy.

I made the request of one of my long standing clients but when I followed up with my new prospect with the contact information, he didn’t respond. I made a second request and this time did the heavy lifting to make it easy for him. I coordinated specific times when my client was available to connect and gave my prospect these options. Again, no response. Now I look stupid in the eyes of my most valued client.

Prevention Strategy

The problem is that I walked out of the meeting with a Call To Action for me but did not get one from my prospect. And I teach this stuff! Shame on me! In hindsight I should have agreed to arrange the connection with my client AND requested a specific time to discuss his reaction.

We should both have a timed, concrete action step. This should have been set up right at the end of that first meeting. I guarantee I would not be in this situation now had I done that.

Well I didn’t do that. So now what?

Reactive Strategy

I have a rule of three. It’s not scientific. It’s simply my preference. If there is no response after three attempts, then I am ready to move on and let it go to focus my energy on real opportunities. But I don’t do that until I send a final bold email on my third attempt. And it’s astonishing how well it works to get the client to respond immediately.

Stay tuned for my next post and I will give you the word-by-word template.

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