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Smart Sales People: A Common Mistake Even They Make

Sales professionals clearly understand the need for structure and process for the delivery of their products and services and yet, many of the smart sales people I talk with don’t have a clear process for selling. Having a clear sales process is very important and here’s why.

A clear sales process allows professionals to be who they are and to demonstrate their expertise during the selling process. For example,  in all our sales training we incorporate a 6-step process that easily aligns the selling process with your identity as a consultant.

The 6-step sales process is a framework that guides you through the face-to-face meeting (it can also be used for ear-to-ear phone meetings). The important thing to know is that there is a clear and structured process that works to produce consistent sales results. And, when you learn to use the process, you will be seen as a true professional, demonstrating genuine care for your prospective client – and your results will skyrocket.

Intentional Selling™ is totally consistent with the models, skills and principles used by professionals in delivering their consulting services. But it is also different. And it is critical to know the distinction. For example, both processes:

  • Focus on the needs of the client
  • Use sophisticated questioning skills to uncover their needs
  • Require the skills of influence to move them to action

But there is a distinct structure, mindset and selling skill we need to become aware of. Learning how to execute sales process skills seamlessly and with excellence is one of the best investments professionals can make in themselves in order to secure and increase their earning capacity.

Furthermore, these selling skills transfer over to your consulting work, and will improve your ability to influence and provide value with clients in meeting their business needs.

An overview of the sales process is introduced below.

Overview of the Intentional Selling™ 6-Step Process

Before Client Meeting: Step 1: Prepare Planning the call
During Meeting:
(may be over the course of several meetings)
Step 2: Engage Setting the context for a successful meeting
Step 3: Discover Questioning to uncover and build needs
Step 4: Position Positioning solutions that are tailored to needs
Step 5: Close Obtaining commitment to concrete action
After Meeting: Step 6: Follow Through Maintaining momentum of the sales process and your long-term relationship

All of the above steps have a critical purpose and for each there is a clear methodology. Each step is an opportunity to demonstrate your capability and professionalism; each step is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other professionals.

The Missing Link

What many professionals don’t realize is that without a clear selling process, they are missing an important opportunity to not only distinguish themselves from competitors, but to provide evidence of their promised value to clients.

When you don’t have a clear intentional selling process as outlined above, you aren’t demonstrating your true worth to the business needs of clients… and therefore, prospects risk not being able to appreciate the quality of services you are offering.

You aren’t demonstrating a clear, structured and professional approach. And that’s truly a pity. What do you think about this? I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell me what your experience has been with sales processes.

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