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Intentional Selling™ Webinar Series by Tanja Parsley

Upfront Persuasion Live Webinar
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Four Day (Two Hour Session Each Day)

Dates To Be Determined

If you feel like your Business to Business or B2B selling takes 10 steps to land a deal when it could happen in three, you’re not alone. Many understand the complexity of selling a higher ticket item to multiple buyers in a longer selling cycle, yet they also recognize the large gap within the selling profession.

Too often, sales people aren’t focused on the “high pay off” activities, are inconsistent in their client interactions, lead with their product, don’t know how to ask high-gain questions, don’t handle objections with confidence, don’t move the action forward and don’t stay on top of follow-up.

Intentional Selling™ is a four day (two hour session each day) live webinar by Tanja Parsley that maps out the behavioural dynamics of a customer-focused, consultative selling process. Participants learn not only what is needed to close the gap, but how to do it.

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The material presented in this webinar is also available in the form of Intentional Selling™ In-House Training or for trainers to obtain through our Train The Trainer certification program. Discover more or contact us directly at (905) 877-5808.