Increase Personal Awareness, Competency and Organizational Effectiveness

Business Coaching

CoachingPartners in Performance coaches draw on the depth and breadth of extensive business experience, as well as formal qualifications in Advanced Coaching through B-Coach Systems, Neurolinguistics and Gestalt Psychology, Strategic Change Management and Adult Learning and Development.

The goal of coaching is to increase both personal awareness and competency and organizational effectiveness. Our clients develop new ways of thinking and new patterns of behaviour that translate into dramatically improved results.


  • See “the big picture.” Develop a clear vision of what needs to be created that is in alignment with values, purpose and desires.
  • Create clarity of focus that will magnetize goals.
  • Create personal, team and organizational alignment of energy to achieve results quickly and efficiently.
  • Unleash the power of intention and personal passion to maintain motivation and momentum.
  • Increase self-awareness — Identify strengths, ways to improve, blind spots and learning edges.
  • Become aware of unconscious motivations and beliefs and how they impact results.
  • Identify barriers to success and strategies to overcome them.
  • Integrate new behaviours that increase choice, handle challenges with greater resourcefulness in alignment with desired goals.

Applications for Coaching

  • Leadership Development — coaching for Executives and Managers
  • Strategy Development, Implementation and Change Management — coaching for change leaders and teams to create organizational alignment and engagement
  • New leader, new team, new mandate for accelerated alignment
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills (verbal and non-verbal) — increasing personal effectiveness while improving relationships
  • Management Skills — dealing effectively and confidently with difficult people, coaching and managing performance, conducting performance reviews, managing meetings effectively
  • Creating Breakthroughs to Achieve Potential — overcoming obstacles and moving to the next level of development
  • Sales and Influencing Skills — learning strategic questioning and sophisticated discovery skills to fast track performance

Our Approach

Partners in Performance coaches provide a structure for development and a safe place for growth and learning. We support our clients through deep listening, powerful questioning and testing their assumptions. We also bring our own expertise to bear when appropriate. Compassion and commitment are at the heart of our coach-client relationships and we become a partner, sounding board and trusted advisor.

We use a variety of approaches including any or all of the following:

  • Assessments — leadership and organizational assessments to determine needs and raise awareness
  • One with One Coaching — structured conversational process to build capabilities, behavioural change and focused action to address issues and achieve exceptional results more quickly and easily
  • Team Coaching — group process to develop aligned, high performing teams
  • Shadow Coaching — field observation and feedback to develop behavioural change
  • We believe the combination of both individual and team coaching is the most powerful and creates the biggest impact on organizational effectiveness and results.

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