Strategic Change and Breakthrough Results

Organization Alignment Roadmap™ Team Coaching Program

If you’re a team leader, is there a significant difference between the results you want and what is actually being achieved? If so, you’re not alone.

Many leaders cite some of the following as barriers to success:

  • Attitudinal / cultural barriers
  • Slow momentum
  • Silo mentality
  • Unclear focus
  • Poor execution
  • No framework for accountability
  • Lack of recognition
  • Soft commitment

We can help you:

  • Create alignment and focused priorities.
  • Identify the critical and real barriers to success.
  • Coordinate action strategies to handle barriers and achieve the desired results.
  • Foster effective attitudes, behaviours and high levels of intention.
  • Monitor and ensure excellent execution of major initiatives including implementation of new systems.

Fact Sheet [PDF, 128KB]

The “Organization Alignment Roadmap”(OAR)™ is a systematic, disciplined, team coaching process that provides a framework for implementing operating plans, critical organization initiatives and culture change.

OAR™ has four distinct phases:

  • Laying the Foundation (with senior team): agreement on outcomes and success measures, assessment of the current situation and burning issues through focus groups and interviews.
  • Leadership Launch Event (with all key stakeholders): creation of a shared practical vision and focused priorities, agreement on critical barriers, development of new ways of thinking and commitment to common goals.
  • Breakthrough Planning Process (with Teams in Action): accelerated development of breakthrough plans by internal action teams. This phase culminates in a process with key stakeholders where plans are “blessed’ and commitments are declared.
  • Team in Action Milestone Meetings (will all key stakeholders): ongoing quarterly follow through to ensure excellent execution, a management framework to sustain commitment, keep implementation on track, maintain focus, facilitate effective communication and celebrate successes.
  • Echo Milestone Meetings (with staff/key stakeholders who do not participate in milestone meetings, facilitated by internal leaders with coaching support by Partners In Performance): town hall meetings or team conversations to communicate the key highlights of the milestone meeting.

Benefits of the Organization Alignment Roadmap™

The OAR™ is a streamlined way to create alignment and high performance cultures in the following situations:

  • Enhanced cross-functional communication, effective conversations, improved relationships
  • All levels and functions aligned to a shared vision, focused priorities, and common goals
  • Renewed excitement and confidence in individual and collective abilities to achieve success
  • Teams in spirit as well as in name
  • Strong, enlightened leadership
  • Strengthened will and intention to succeed
  • Accelerated results

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